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Urology Partners is dedicated to providing all our patients with expert advice, patient choice and the very highest quality of clinical care. We treat the whole range of urological conditions and employ the latest proven techniques using the most up-to-date technology to provide timely and low-risk care for our patients.

The four consultants leading the practice are Neil Barber, Simon Bott, Richard Hindley and Timothy Nedas. Practising from London, Surrey and Hampshire, our focus on minimally invasive procedures means short hospital stays and rapid return to normal activity.

As of October 2018, we are delighted to welcome 4 new consultants into Urology Partners. They are Ahmed Ali, Andrew Chetwood, Amr Emara and Muddassar Hussain. They bring with them additional skills and expertise and allow us to offer appointments to a wider geographical area along the M3 corridor and into London. 

Latest News & Blogs

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Improving the accuracy of Prostate Cancer diagnosis with fusion biopsies

Coverage from Surrey Live on the latest technique Simon Bott is using for Prostate Cancer diagnosis. There has been a huge awareness campaig...

Aquablation treatment for BPH proving as good results as TURP

The Daily Mail reports on Aquablation treatment for BPH and the trials results which have shown efficacy is as good as TURP with the additio...

Government initiative to get treatments to patients on the NHS includes UroLift

The Daily Mail features treatments and drugs that the government are including on their AAC (Accelerated Access Collaborative) scheme to get...

Urolift on NHS Fast Track

Great news for all our NHS patients as the Government announces that UroLift will be included on the fast track scheme to help save the NHS ...

The right BPH treatment for you?

We now have an expanding range of BPH treatments, with Rezum and Aquablation being the latest additions to the offering having received NICE...

NICE Approval for Aquabeam treatment for BPH

NICE has now confirmed approval of water jet ablation treatment, used to treat BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia). To view the guidance plea...

Richard Hindley on Talk Radio following NICE approval for Rezum

Following the announcement from NICE that prostate steam treatment, Rezum, has been approved for the NHS to offer patients as an option to t...

Rezum receives NICE approval

Media coverage of the prostate steam treatment, Rezum, pioneered by Professor Richard Hindley, has been followed up by confirmation from NIC...

Breaking News - Rezum approval from NICE due this week

As we wait for NICE to approve Rezum for BPH treatment as a new technology procedure for the NHS this week, The Daily Mail pushes the story ...

Urology Partners at #AUA18

It's time to go stateside as the American Urological Association hold their annual conference in San Francisco this week, 18-21 May.Neil Bar...

Recent Testimonials

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My quality of life was deteriorating....

Mr H, Fleet

  • Condition: BPH
  • Treatment/Procedure: Aquablation

Impeded urine flow was having a huge impact on my quality of life which was deteriorating, and so taking the step to having prostate surgery was essential. I chose Aquablation because I perceived it to be as good as other options, whilst mi...

Back on the golf course 2 weeks later.

Mr S, Derbyshire

  • Condition: BPH
  • Treatment/Procedure: Aquablation

Being lucky enough to enjoy being retired and considering myself to be reasonably fit, the affects of BPH were beginning to have a detrimental affect on my quality of life. My prostate started giving me problems in my mid-fifties with frequ...

Great improvement in the quality of my life

Mr Y, Masachussets, USA

  • Condition: BPH
  • Treatment/Procedure: Aquablation

I am a 75 year old man and for many years I had BPH with frequent and urgent urination as well as a greatly reduced flow rate. Although I kept the BPH symptoms under control with herbal supplements for several years, the last couple of year...

Thoroughly recommend the Rezum procedure

Mr M, County Kildare

  • Condition: BPH
  • Treatment/Procedure: Rezum

I am now 70 years old and for the last fifteen have had steadily worsening symptoms of BPH. 
Despite an urgent need to pee, I was unable to initiate a flow on most occasions until about a minute had passed. This then resulted in a very wea...

My quality of life has returned

Mr C, Hampshire

  • Condition: BPH
  • Treatment/Procedure: Greenlight Laser

Following a couple of years of BPH symptoms including frequency of needing the toilet - especially at night, urgency, urinary infections and retention, it was decided that I needed corrective surgery. Medication hadn't worked and the proble...

Positive affect on both physical and mental wellbeing

Mr H, Fleet

  • Condition: BPH
  • Treatment/Procedure: Greenlight Laser

For the last 18 months I suffered from an enlarged prostate which made my life increasingly difficult. Eventually I had a Greenlight Laser procedure carried out by Mr Barber with his brilliant skill, and ably assisted by his team at Spire C...

Neil is a leader in this innovative field of surgery

Mr H

  • Condition: BPH
  • Treatment/Procedure: UroLift

I had been suffering mild symptoms relating to the prostate over 18 months, including needing to get up a number of times in the night and the urine flow had, at times, been very weak. I certainly wasn’t emptying my bladder. Whilst ...

My life has changed so much for the better

Mr B, Liverpool

  • Condition: BPH
  • Treatment/Procedure: Greenlight Laser

Things came to a head when after being diagnosed with BPH and prescribed Tamulosine and Finasteride, I suffered an episode of urine retention. Having been admitted to hospital, it was decided that I would need to self catheterise three time...