Urolift has improved our lives enormously   The Urolift procedure features in Dear Doctor magazine with Neil Barber's patient case study. Read the article on our news page      Update on PROMIS trials   Richard Hindley will be giving an update at the MRC CTU meeting for UCL at Wellcome Trust on 16 June. See News section for more details.      BBC South Today reports on HIFU   Richard Hindley discusses HIFU and the new kit available at North Hampshire Hospital. Read more in our news section     

Welcome to Urology Partners

Urology Partners is dedicated to providing all our patients with expert advice and the very highest quality of clinical care. We treat the whole range of urological conditions and employ the latest proven techniques using the most up-to-date technology to provide timely and low-risk care for our patients.

Our focus on minimally invasive procedures means short hospital stays and rapid return to normal activity.

Patient Comments

Entrust your health and well-being to the Urology Partners team

Mr W, Hampshire

I was diagnosed with renal disease as a result of a chance finding on an unrelated CT scan. The growth shown on the original scan turned out to be a small tumour and having caught it at an early stage, there was a good chance of saving the kidney. Fo...

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We continue to collate patient questionnaires to gather information on the patient experience and to ensure we continue to provide excellent healthcare and our patients feel valued and understood. Our consultan...