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Urology Partners is dedicated to providing all our patients with expert advice, patient choice and the very highest quality of clinical care. We treat the whole range of urological conditions and employ the latest proven techniques using the most up-to-date technology to provide timely and low-risk care for our patients.

The four consultants leading the practice are Neil Barber, Simon Bott, Richard Hindley and Timothy Nedas. Practicing from London, Surrey and Hampshire, our focus on minimally invasive procedures means short hospital stays and rapid return to normal activity.

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Urology Partners at #AUA18

It's time to go stateside as the American Urological Association hold their annual conference in San Francisco this week, 18-21 May.Neil Bar...

Urology Dept at Hampshire Hospital receives #NHS70 Award nomination

Richard Hindley's work on leading developments in Urology have been recognised by local MP Maria Miller. Today his department at Basingstoke...

Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms - Time for a New Conversation

Neil Barber goes through all the available treatment options for LUTs in the latest newsletter for the Independent Doctor's Federation (IDF)...

Answering the questions on MRI scanning for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Prostate Cancer awareness has seen a massive spike since the news of it being a bigger killer than breast cancer earlier this year.Whilst th...

Patients from Basingstoke contribute to the PRECISION Study for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Great steps forward this week as the results of the PRECISION Study were published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The PRECISION Stu...

Urology Partners win Private Healthcare Award for Innovation and Patient Care

We are delighted and proud to announce that we have been awarded 2 awards in the Global Health and Pharma Private Healthcare Awards 2018.Uro...

Next Steps for Aquablation

Christmas brought good news for Aquablation as the FDA approved a De Novo request for the AquaBeam system. Neil Barber has been part of the ...

Urolift success in the NHS

As the popularity of the Urolift procedure sees it being increasingly used to treat BPH symptoms across the NHS, BBC Radio Hereford & Wo...

Aquablation - a patient and surgeon view

Aquablation is new emerging technology for treating Lower Urinary Tract symptoms associated with BPH. Neil Barber hs been trialling this new...

Cystitis, antibiotics and other cures...#Antibioticsawarenessweek

Tim Nedas offers some thoughts and questions to think about as we highlight #AntibioticAwarenessWeek It is world antibiotics ...

Recent Testimonials

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Total Success ...You've made getting old a much better proposition.

Mr R

  • Condition: BPH
  • Treatment/Procedure: Rezum

By the time I saw Richard Hindley at The Hampshire Clinic in March 2018, I was already 3 years down the road with an enlarged prostate.
The Dr’s surgery that I had been with for so many years dismissed my problems as medication relat...

Thank you for your kindness

Mrs G, Hampshire

  • Condition: Kidney Stones

Dear Mr Nedas,I felt I must write and thank you for your kindness today. It was such a pleasure to be treated with congeniality but also with super efficiency and it was undoubtedly a bonus that the scan could be carried out so swiftly. I a...

Thank you for keeping me alive!

Mr S, Hampshire

  • Condition: Prostate Cancer
  • Treatment/Procedure: HIFU

Just wanted to say a great big thank you for looking after me so well last week.  Richard thank you for the precision sharp shooting, Peter (anaesthetist) for finding a vein in my hand I did not know I still had, oh and to both of you for k...

Amazing treatment with Amazing Mr Hindley

Mr W, Devon

  • Condition: BPH
  • Treatment/Procedure: Rezum

For many years, since the early 1990’s I had terrible urgency problems whereby the desire to urinate suddenly happened and I just had to find anywhere suitable to go, being as discrete as I could if in a busy place.
More recently sin...

Excellent service and support

Mr C, Fleet

  • Condition: BPH
  • Treatment/Procedure: Greenlight Laser

My sincere thanks to Neil Barber and Spire Clare Park Hospital for the excellent service and support received by all, both during and post my operation through to yesterday when I was discharged. 
Many thanks to Jeanette for the help and s...

A first class team

Mr Y, Surrey

  • Condition: Kidney Stones
  • Treatment/Procedure: Flexible ureteroscopy and lasertripsy

A big thank you to Simon Bott, your secretaries and the whole of your medical teams at both Clare Park and Parkside for the wonderful treatment that you have provided to me over the last week. 
All of the care that I have received from you...

Neil Barber is an outstanding consultant surgeon

Mr H, Hampshire

  • Condition: BPH
  • Treatment/Procedure: Greenlight XPS Laser Prostatectomy

For some years, I had taken Tamsulosin to ease problems of frequency of urination and decrease in flow. By early this year, the problems were getting more noticeable; in particular a very strong urge to urinate on occasions and I suffered a...

What a great team

Mr C, Hampshire

  • Condition: Prostate Cancer Diagnosis
  • Treatment/Procedure: Targeted Template Biopsies

Many thanks to Marie (Secretary) and Anita (Urology Practice Nurse). I really appreciate Anita’s advice and explanation. 
Mr Hindley is clearly a top specialist in his field. What a great team you have there (BMI Hampshire Clinic).