GP Referrals

In this modern era Urology Partners appreciate there has been an increase in patient expectations of the level of care they receive and that GPs will inevitably see evermore inquisitive and challenging cases in more restricted time. As a result, there may not always be sufficient opportunity to discuss the details of the relevant problem as fully as all parties may wish.

In response to this, Urology Partners have compiled easily downloadable and succinct Information Sheets covering the broad spectrum of common urological conditions that the primary care practitioner may pass on to their patients. These Information Sheets also cover the expected recovery from a range of urological surgical procedures and advice regarding the management of any complications.

As medical technology continues to advance at such a fast pace, so it is harder to keep abreast of new developments in all fields of medicine. In our news section, Urology Partners will continue to provide up-to-date information regarding these exciting changes in Urology.

Providing this information is an important part of Urology Partners’ goal to modernise and improve the care given to patients suffering with urological problems. Whilst the Information sheets will cover the key issues of Urological care, if you would like further information on a particular area that is not already described then Urology Partners are happy to be contacted directly to discuss it further.