What is Rezūm?

Rezūm is a method by which steam energy is used to ablate (or remove) the particular part of the prostate that enlarges and causes symptoms due to BPH. Specific technical information is explained below.

This video gives a brief outline of the treatment and how it works

This system consists of a portable radiofrequency (RF) generator and delivery device that is introduced into the body via the urethra (transurethral approach) and guided by direct visualization through a telescopic lens placed within the delivery device.

RF energy from the generator is applied to an inductive coil in the delivery device to heat up a controlled amount of water outside of the body, converting the water into vapour or steam. The thermal energy created outside the body is delivered into the prostate tissue through a tiny needle with emitter holes to ablate the targeted obstructive prostate tissue that causes BPH.  The procedure takes approximately 3 – 7 minutes and can be performed in a Day Surgery setting. No RF energy is delivered into the body.

Throughout the insertion of the device and during the treatment saline (salty water) is running to help ensure better views and to prevent the urethra from overheating.

The Rezūm System is intended to relieve the symptoms of obstruction and prostate tissue associated with BPH and is indicated for men with prostatic urethra lengths >2 .0 cm and prostate volumes >20 cm3. The Rezūm System also is indicated for treatment of prostates with a median lobe or elevated central zone tissue.

Rezum in the UK

Rezūm uses the natural energy stored in water vapour, or steam. It is a safe and effective treatment available to relieve symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).
The Rezūm System received CE Mark on 8th July 2013 and FDA clearance for use in the USA on 27th August 2015.
Rezūm does not currently have NICE approval.
When a procedure is not approved (and therefore there is no formal NICE guidance available), NICE recommends that:

'In all cases, while NICE develops guidance on a procedure, where no guidance exists, clinicians using the procedure should do so with special arrangements for clinical governance, consent and audit”

Rezūm is registered with NICE as “IP1555 Rezūm Procedure” which means that it is currently being considered, evaluated and discussed by NICE.

The North Hampshire Hospital is one of 5 centres in the UK that have been selected to start using this technology in the NHS. The data collected by these centres will be presented to NICE.

All of our consultants are involved in this procedure and Richard Hindley is the leading surgeon for this procedure in the UK and has carried out the first cases in the UK both on the NHS and privately. He is collating data on this procedure to support the application to NICE for approval.

Advantages of Rezum

  1. Fast, effective and, precise BPH treatment
  2. Ablates targeted tissue, which is then resorbed
  3. Treats enlarged central zones and/or median lobes
  4. Clinically proven, safe and effective
  5. Preserves sexual and urinary functions
  6. Rapid return to normal activities

What type of patients may benefit from the Rezūm procedure to treat BPH?

  • Men who have elected to discontinue or who have chosen not to take BPH medications
  • Men who are not receptive to other minimally invasive or surgical BPH  procedures
  • Men who have indicated they aren’t bothered enough by their symptoms to elect an invasive surgical procedure

How do I know if Rezūm therapy is a good treatment option for me?

Your urologist will consult with you to determine if Rezūm water vapour therapy is a good treatment option for you based on your symptoms and personal treatment goals. The Rezūm System is indicated for men 50 years and older with a prostate volume of ≥ 30cm3 and ≤80cm3.  
The Rezūm System is also indicated for treatment of prostate with hyperplasia of the central zone and/or a median lobe.
The use of the Rezūm System is contraindicated for patients with a urinary implant or who have a penile prosthesis.

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