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Urology Partners is dedicated to providing all our patients with expert advice, patient choice and the very highest quality of clinical care.

We treat the whole range of urological conditions and employ the latest proven techniques using the most up-to-date technology to provide timely and low-risk care for our patients.

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Welcome to Urology Partners

Practising from London, Surrey and Hampshire, Urology Partners are a group of expert consultant urologists who offer a tailor made approach to your treatment, ensuring you get the best treatment for you and your condition. Our focus on minimally invasive procedures means short hospital stays and rapid return to normal activity. We treat the whole range of Urological Conditions for both men and women. 




'I had enlarged prostate like King Charles and was in excruciating pain but procedure cured me'

19 Jan 2024

As the interest in treatments available for an enlarged prostate continues to rise following the news of King Charles's upcoming treatment, one patient shares his story with the Daily Mirror and the enormous impact finding Neil Barber and choosing Aquablation therapy has had on his life.


Reactions to King Charles undergoing surgery for an enlarged prostate

18 Jan 2024

Raising awareness of the impact of an enlarged prostate has received a huge boost with the latest news of King Charles's upcoming surgery for this condition. Richard Hindley spoke to Vanessa Feltz on Talk TV to discuss the symptoms and treatment options that men can choose.

Rezum water vapour therapy for BPH - the journey so far

Professor Richard Hindley talks to Dr Francesca Kum about Rezum treatment for BPH, including the results of clinical trials and the patient experience since starting in 2017.

Optilume Treatment

Andrew Chetwood discusses Urethral Strictures and the Optilume treatment now available

BPH Tests and Investigations

A summary of the tests and investigations that you may need to diagnose an enlarged prostate.

The Prostate, BPH and Symptoms

This video provides an overview of Benign Prostate Enlargement, the symptoms and treatments available.

Neil Barber was part of a team supporting the production of these videos by providing clinical input. The films are funded by NHS England and produced by Health Innovation Oxford and Thames Valley (formerly Oxford AHSN), working with clinicians from the Frimley Health and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trusts. 

Treating BPH at Urology Partners

Urology Partners offer the complete portfolio of treatments for minimally invasive surgery to treat Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)